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We have been in this business for over 30 years. We not only wrote the book on professional film and video transfer, we made the movie!

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Robert Hanley is an American Producer/Director/Editor /Inventor/ Entrepreneur. The founder and president of Home Video Studio, Hanley shot his first roll of super 8mm film when he was seventeen and was forever hooked on this business, turning his love for film and video into the top premium video transfer services business in the country. Speaking about the joy of providing this service to people across America Hanley explains:

"I've loved home movies my whole life. Among my fondest memories growing up in Indiana are the times we dimmed the lights, made some popcorn, started the movie projector, and relived our family adventures on film. That was the beginning of my love of movies and that's why I've been in this business for over thirty-five years."

Hanley continues on the importance of preserving these treasures:

"Years ago someone in your family - maybe you - made an investment in camera equipment, film, slides, and/or a video camera. They spent their hard-earned money and their valuable time to record the most precious moments of their lives. Now it's time to recoup that investment - to bring in the harvest. I urge you to complete this circle of life in the proper manner. Have your images transferred to DVD, or better yet DVA - Digital Video Archive, in the most professional and caring method possible."

The fact is your film, tapes, slides, photos and audio are old! They're wasting away. They've been sitting in a drawer or resting on a shelf for years while you and your family went on about your life. Everyone grew up! Now something has sparked you to act and explore getting your family's precious memories transferred. Congratulations!

This is the time to rescue your legacy and transfer those precious images to an archival video format. Don't wait until it's too late.

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Here's our process and how we can help you:

First you must realize that we have been in this business for a very long time. We totally understand tape and film transfer technology. Robert Hanley actually started out shooting and editing both film and tape in the 1970's and 1980's. You might say it's in our blood. We know what to do, but more than that we have a passion for preserving your memories. It's not just our job, it's our life.

Home Video Studio has always been committed to keeping ahead of the curve in film and video technology. In the late 1990's we led the way in the transfer of VHS, VHS-C, 8mm and Mini-DV tapes to DVD. We pioneered the development of HVS DVD Deluxe transfer technology and years later we're still leading the way by providing the newest technology - cloud-based Digital Video Archive (DVA).

As a premium provider of video and film transfer services we don't use off-the-shelf VCRs or pedestrian film transfer units. Our investment in film and video transfer equipment and technology is well over $200,000.00. In fact, we invented and developed a lot of the technology and processes that we use to transfer our customers' video images. We're simply the best.

But it's not just the technology - it's our people. You don't stay in the business this long without tremendous dedication and a great service team. Everyone who works here is degreed in film, media or arts. Working on your project is their passion and chosen profession. Once your materials arrive at our headquarters in Indianapolis you can rest assured we will handle them with tender loving care every step of the way - just like they were our very own.

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We are a leader in Video Services

Call us. (Yes, call us.) You'll notice we provide personal service right from the start. Who knows? Robert himself may actually be the specialist you chat with. We strive to make sure you get your questions answered and have a great feeling about doing business with us.

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Our thing is personal service. Here's how it works:

Here's is the process:

  • As we take your order right over the phone we may have you describe your film, slides, video or audio. At some point we'll calculate how much you'll be spending. With Home Video Studio we can almost guarantee that you'll spend more money with us than the company down the road or next door - because this is too important to be strictly about the lowest price. This is about delivering a premium quality transfer that will stand the test of time. So don't dwell on cost. Think about confidence and quality. The decision you are making with your family memories will affect generations after you. If you make the right decision your family will enjoy these images for years to come. If you don't make the right choice they may not.
  • Once we have discussed your project with you and have answered all your questions we'll complete your order and collect payment via credit card. Then we'll provide our shipping address and instructions on how to ship. We suggest UPS Ground. UPS is the best in the business; however, you may ship your project by any method you choose. We'll email you your paid invoice as well as our shipping suggestions.
  • When we receive your order we'll personally call and email you to let you know that your project has arrived. At this time we'll reconfirm the projected completion time for your order.
  • What happens when we actually do your project? That's a great question. We pay attention to details. How is your film or tape being played back? Did we queue the tape properly? Are there precious seconds of family life that need to have extra attention paid to them? What is the condition of the film, audio and tapes? No matter what you are sending us, rest assured someone is taking a first, second and third look before, during, and after our transfer of your project. We'll treat it like we were working on our own family's project.
  • When we are finished with your order we'll personally call you and let you know the good news. If you have ordered your video content on DVA - Digital Video Archive -we'll generate your access that day to your new Digital Video Archive account - your place for all of your video content. You'll be able to watch your video on your laptop, Ipad, tablet, Smart TV, smart phone, Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV. You're going to love your Digital Video Archive account.
  • Then the last step in our process is to repack your original materials and ship your order back to you. We'll ship UPS Ground - safe and sound.

Look no further. Home Video Studio has the experience. We've put a lot of thought, money and effort into our system. We're always investing in new technology to make our company better and to make you a better product. We care about our customers before and after the sale. Call us and let your journey begin. Let's get started!

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02/17/2022 Audio Tape Transfer

I'm so grateful that Home Video Studio was able to transfer my childhood cassette tapes to a CD and the cloud. I was so nervous that they wouldn't even be able to play my tapes because they were so o...

- Andrea Ongaro from Lisle

12/27/2021 Audio Tape Transfer

I had several old audio tapes transferred to cd format. We were concerned about sending the tapes by mail, but everything worked out very well. The quality of the work is great and exceptional custome...

- Mauricio Parra from Champaign Illinois

03/25/2021 Audio Tape Transfer

Thank you so much, the sound on cds fantastic everything arrived great shape, will pass the good word on about your service your company. Thank you again. Sincerely Mary Ann...

- Mary Ann Spilker from Kidder, MO

01/05/2021 Audio Tape Transfer

Robert, I wanted you to know how pleased I am with the quality of my audio cassette transfer. Thanks!...

- Dennis Lang from Louisville, CA

06/15/2020 Audio Tape Transfer

The CD you made for me sounds great. I have been toting the CD player all around the central part of independent living section of StoryPoint playing music for residents and staff. They, too, are ver...

- Barbara Hill from Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Home Video Studio

DVDs have been the state-of-the-art for more than ten years in the video and home movie transfer industry. In fact, Home Video Studio still transfers video to DVDs for our customers who request that service.

But there's a new kid in town - The DVA - the Home Video Studio - Video in the Cloud. DVA is the latest technology and it is fast becoming the media of choice. These days we most often transfer everyone's old VHS, BetaMAX, 8mm and Mini DV tapes to DVAs rather than DVDs.

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