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Get all your audio tapes transfered to and then professionally burned to a CD by us today!

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Home Video Studio is the leader in audio tape transfer and repair. We have been transferring audio since 1991.

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Do you have audio cassettes from the 1970's? Maybe you have quarter inch audio tape on reels from the 1950's and '60s. You may even have audio on wire reels from the 1930's & 40's. We transfer all three of these audio formats to Gold Archival CDs and/or audio computer file format.

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We are a leader in Audio Tape Transfer

Seeing loved ones on tape and film is wonderful. Hearing them is something else entirely! You may not even know what's on your audio sources but you know it could be a treasure. We are dedicated to getting your audio programs transferred in the best way possible, and we have the equipment and know-how to do it.

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Transfer those old cassettes today!

Once transferred your audio programs will be archived to a scratch-proof Archival Gold CD rated to last for over a hundred years! We can also store them as audio files for your computer or other digital devices. You've found the right place! Home Video Studio has the experience, the technology and the concern and care to make the best audio transfers for you and your audio programs.

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Wrapping it up!

Here's what you'll get with our audio transfer process:

  • TLC - We'll handle your audio with the greatest care
  • The best equipment to run these delicate tapes
  • The best audio transfer available

Look no further. Home Video Studio has the experience, technology and concern for your audio needs. We care!

Call Now! Please call for appointment 623-215-4892

07/15/2017 Audio Tape Transfer

I brought in a cassette from 1983 and despite the condition they were able to create a CD of very good quality for me. I also brought in 2 VHS tapes from 1993 that weren't in very good condition and t...

- Jim And Wendy A from AZ

05/29/2017 Audio Tape Transfer

Great service. Friendly, professional and on time delivery of product. Great technologically advanced equipment, clean and reliable. Stop searching, this is the place you need. I had cassette transfer...

- Jorge Esquivias from AZ

01/12/2017 Audio Tape Transfer

I found this company on the internet and took a chance on them. I asked for a CD to be made from a cassette. The product was delivered faster than promised. I listened and commented that I would like ...

- Rick B from AZ

11/01/2016 Audio Tape Transfer

Belatedly, many thanks for your courteous and attentive service . . . as well as the great patience and attention to detail it took to digitally reproduce -- among other things -- vinyl recordings fro...

- Zarafa from AZ

09/02/2016 Audio Tape Transfer

Richard converted a 4" reel to reel tape from back in 1964 and transferred it into a very legible audio CD. The quality was excellent....

- Greg M from AZ

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We transfer most videotapes with-in one week! We Also Specialize in Audio to CD Transfers - LP Records, Cassettes, Reel to Reel etc.

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